2 quotes from Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional: ‘ Open your mind before you open your mouth’. 7 Jan Go Kiss The World is an extract taken from the Welcome Address by Chief Operating Officer, MindTree Consulting, o Bagchi. 21 Dec Go, Kiss The World book starts off with Bagchi’s story behind the title, where he recounts the last time he visited his ailing mother in hospital.

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First things first, this is NOT a book about how Mindtree came into being, and it certainly is not about how the company changed the way business is done in the IT space, but it does touches on the topic. He and his brothers were supposed to read the newspaper aloud with the morning tea. You explore everything around you, develop curiosity – new lands, subroto bagchi go kiss the world, food, and ways of doing things begin batchi draw you in.

Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional

It is an amazing saga of a village boy coming to the helm of a corporate venture Mind Subroto bagchi go kiss the world. The man is frightened and doesn’t want to go near the tiger. And all his professional ventures were guided by one single motivation – ‘to learn as much as possible’. All we need to do is to take a walk in a busy marketplace one morning and look at the number of daily wage earners who are looking for the opportunity to work.


Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional by Subroto Bagchi

Hardcoverpages. The houses which the government gave to the Bagchi family rarely had fences. It is the way the seemingly inanimate world speaks to you. First part of the book is about the early years of the author.

Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons for the Young Professional – Subroto Bagchi – Google Books

Very well articulated explaining deep meaning and trying to share the experience in the most beautiful words, not to offend anybody as well as get the meaning through. Subroto has one important message for the current generation about to start their careers – do not overplan. But there is one thing which is missing from the book and that is how the MindTree “actually” started doing subroto bagchi go kiss the world.

Will also improve your vocabulary.

This site uses cookies. In part two of the book you w There’s no stopping for a go-getter. It is mainly written for the young Indian professionals.

May 13, Shubhankar Gupta rated it liked it. Aug 29, Lokesh Joshi rated it liked it.


Go Kiss the World Quotes

This book made me feel that adage “You don’t find the book, The book finds you” is indeed true. As chief technology officer of the corporation, Dr.

You can fine the complete review on http: Liked he first few pages. This is something most bosses find difficult to do because they do not know that in order to listen, you must first suspend all judgement.

Worse, the organization is ill managed, atleast for the bottom line engineers. InBagchi took on the role of Gardener at MindTree. Uruguayan team’s air-crash case study: If you are looking for an inspirational book about how to be happy in your life and what does being successful actually means- than this a great book for you. wlrld

Question and Answers Q: The juniormost engineer could simply walk into his office, pull up a chair and sound out what could be sometimes the most absurd technical idea or a trivial pesonal issue. Oct 09, Khushbu Batta rated it it was ok. Feb 04, Bhavesh Kourani rated it really liked it. bagcih

My all time favourite book.