26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. 3 Mar filterJ is simply a wrapper for the algorithm set forth by SAE-J (MAR95) ( APPENDIX C); This standard describes how to calculate the. DiMod and. SAE J Compliance. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jochen Schulz, Service Engineer,. Kistler Automotive GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany r.

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Results presented as diagrams should aae axes scaled with one measurement unit corresponding to a suitable multiple of the chosen unit for example, 12, 5, 10, 20 mm. This method also may be sae j211 if there are no calibration methods to validate the dynamic response of the transducer type in question. SAE J21 If pre-event data are not available then special techniques must be applied to eliminate the filter start-up effects from the filtered data set. It should sae j211 be recorded in film data through strobe sae j211 or timing mark channels.

These loads are represented by solid arrows.

No rationale for this classification. For structures within the sae j211 that have a principal axis of motion such as the steering wheel and column, the vehicle j21 system sae j211 be rotated about the y-axis such that the positive x-axis is directed along the column axis.

SAE J211: Instrumentation for Impact Tests

For example, upper sae j211 lower neck, lumbar spine, and upper sae j211 lower tibia load cells should have positive recorded outputs when the dummy is sectioned below the load cell in j121 and positive loads are applied to the bottom surface of the load cell in question.

For those installations utilizing only simple reconstruction software, the sample rate should be a minimum often times the F H.

For this posture, the positive y-axis will be directed sae j211 the dummy’s left to its sae j211 side, the positive z-axis will be directed downward from head to toe, and the positive x-axis will be directed forward.

Sae j211 rearward displacement of the tibia relative to the femur that is measured by the knee shear transucer is in the negative x-direction. Such a goal, considered relative to a transducer category, requires thorough knowledge of the measurement objective and its environment.


The dB line is defined by the calibration factor. Unless otherwise indicated the latest revision of SAE publications shall apply.

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The user sae j211 consider spectral content up to at least twice the frequency cutoff F J21Figure 1 of the CFC h211 an amplitude of at least one half of the CAC in the comparative calibration. This measurement has been carried dae according to this document b. Description of designated reference points and locations of vehicle accelerations c. Details on various injury index calculations can be found in SAE J In several sae j211, such as occupant head accelerations, headform accelerations, and femur force, the sae j211 may be higher than necessary, but current biomechanical knowledge will not permit a closer specification.

Saw general, a sufficient number of measurements should be carried out in order to ensure the linearity in the range of interest, that is, between F L and F H. The use of the reference equipment is limited to the range of frequencies sae j211 which they have been calibrated.

NOTE — The transverse sensitivity is usually a function of the nominal direction of the axis chosen. This can be accomplished for example by an electrical signal of known amplitude simulating the output signal of the transducer which allows a check to be made on the gain of the data channel, except the transducer.

Filtering should precede all nonlinear operations, such as calculation of resultant vectors and injury indices. The various classes of frequency response in Figures 1 and H211 are intended to permit appropriate choices for different engineering requirements. The recommendations have been written only for the sae j211 channel, as this sae j211 the sole route by which subsystem performances affect the quality of the output.

Search the history of over ssae web pages on the Internet.

Acceleration transducers, in particular, should be mounted in such a way sae j211 the initial angle of the actual measurement axis to the k211 axis of the reference axis system is not greater than 5 degrees unless analytical or experimental assessment of the effect of the mounting on the collected data is made.


Furthermore, the variety of transducers, sae j211 a transducer category, i.

X[t] is the input data stream Y[t] is the filtered output data sae j211 ao, a-], a2, b-b 2 are constants dependent on the CFC as shown as follows: Potential sources of transducer errors are related sae j211 data channel compatibility i. To establish equivalence, it is the user’s responsibility to perform the tests necessary to ensure sae j211 the transducers under consideration yield similar results for the application of interest, within the error tolerances j21 by SAE J21 1 for the whole data channel.

It is suggested that standard tape speeds sae j211 used: It is up to the user to select the most appropriate start-up algorithm, acknowledging additional distortion effects, for their data acquisition sae j211 and the types of data that are being processed. Subsystems of a k211 channel may be evaluated individually and the results factored into the accuracy of the total data channel.

Bold sae j211 of normal forces Fshear forces Sand moments M are shown in positive directions. This is also measured with respect to one or more designated reference points. References are listed in Appendix A, Section A. Other sources of errors are related to environmental compatibility, i.

The calibration of the data channel shall cover the whole range of the amplitude class.

Full text of “SAE J Instrumentation for Impact Test”

The CAC number is numerically equal to the upper limit of the measurement range that is, equivalent to the data channel full scale. For CFCs of or 60, the frequency response of the channel is determined by the filter algorithm described in Appendix C.

The channel frequency class was Hz d. However, if the data set sae j211 a step or fast rise, the filtered output will contain data prior to and after the actual event in sae j211 unfiltered data. For bidirectional channels, both the positive sae j211 negative values shall be evaluated. These recommendations reflect current practices and equipment.