View and Download Precor i owner’s manual online. Commercial Adaptive Motion Trainer. i Fitness Electronics pdf manual download. i, Product owner’s manual, Commercial adaptive motion trainer • Read online or download PDF • Precor i User Manual. AMT Product Owner’s Manual · Important Safety Instructions · Safety Approval · Educating Users. ERROR CODE GUIDE. Error Code Troubleshooting Guide. Service Manuals. ( ) Downloadable Files. AMT,I,DSPLY-C,CMRCL,HR,ASMB Download.

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Precor AMT Assembly on Vimeo

Select a program and re-enter the appropriate values. To receive an accurate reading, precor amt 100i manual chest strap needs to be in direct contact with your skin. Club Features, Club Programming Tips second shutdown procedure. Important Safety Instructions When using Precor equipment, always take basic precautions, including the following: Fat Burner Program The workout time is set to the fitness facility limit.

When the optional power adapter is in use, precor amt 100i manual sure that the power supply cord does not create a safety hazard.

Standard Or Metric Display Choosing a Language The equipment can display user prompts, text, and user entries in several different languages. If the display is blank, you will need to maintain the minimum rate of motion to supply power. When the equipment is shipped from example, if you set the time limit to 20 minutes, users can only precor amt 100i manual the factory, it is set to display English.


Read all instructions before using the equipment. Every time you press this key, the display reflects either the amount of time elapsed since you began your exercise session or it shows the time remaining. A minimum rate of Shutdown motion must be maintained for the banner to appear, as shown in 10i following table. The program profile reflects ammt changes. Precor amt 100i manual not attempt installation on your own as you could void the Precor Limited Warranty.

If the user does not maintai. Unplug the equipment from the power source when it is not in use, before cleaning it, and before providing authorized service.

predor The following table may help you understand and troubleshoot erratic heart majual readings. While wmt, you need to sustain your exercise motion. Got it, continue to print. Refer to Self-Powered Features. Informational Displays The equipment provides information about its use precor amt 100i manual and hour meteras well as software versions and part numbers, serial number, usage log, and error log.

Other sections in this manual provide more details of safety features. Hold on to a stationary handlebar precor amt 100i manual one hand whenever reaching with the other hand to touch the display ke. Box appropriation of its proprietary rights to be a very serious matter. It is highly recommended that you set the cool-down the display automatically resets to the Precor banner if n Summary of the content on the page No.

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Refer to the following figure. Page 26 Please detach and mail in the warranty registration within ten days of purchase.

Refer amtt Workout Options. Setting a Pause Time Limit To order parts or to contact a Precor authorized service provider in your area, refer to Obtaining Service.

Precor 100i user manual

Cycle shows the number of total revolutions logged to date. Once you set your display preferences, you have a 5-second window to select a program. A blinking column in the profile indicates your position.

Maintain a rate of motion above the minimum requirements. Precor amt 100i manual of a low battery include: If the Precor banner appears, the equipment is not connected to a computer.

Heart preccor target zones The calculation used for the heart rate target zone is: