Alto Saxophone Persis Overture. James L. Hosay Arr. by Ryan Mo lto Ex pressiv o Alleg ro Co n Brio. 4 Alto Sax o p h o n e. “Persis” (Greek word for Persia) is a Fantasy-Overture, which tells the story of a modern day American man who travels back through time to the. Exotic! Mysterious Middle-Eastern modalities, colorful orchestration, and a stunning “chase” combine to make James Hosay’s PERSIS (the Greek word for.

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It’s kind of romantic huh? The solo is accompanied by moving quavers from the 1st clarinets.

He begins persis overture wild and wonderful adventure as he is suddenly surrounded by magnificent architecture, grand marble overturre, and beautiful works of art in one of the earliest known cultured civilizations. This is definitely a great piece of work. Another piece from the pen of this outstanding composer!

A grand opening marked “Molto espressivo” is heard. To allow the layering technique to be effective, it is perhaps better for the “layered” passage to play softer than the “layering” passage.

Persis,the only song ill probably love for a million years. Especially the gorgeous oboe solo She is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life, and he is persis overture captivated by her.

Persis Overture (Complete Wind Band Score)

A horn solo is heard accompanying the persis overture in the middle of the passage. This remark only serves as a guide and are purely based on personal interpretation which should not be fully taken into account. As he runs franticly through the corridors of the city, he reflects sadly on the romance that might have been. Coordination in this section may be quite challenging due perais the alternate switch and the heavy running passages from clarinets, oboes and flutes, as well as the xylophone.


The challenge here would persis overture achieving the same emotional effect from two different instruments – the oboe and the horn.

Truly a touching piece This is persis overture where the chase and reflection is about to start.

Definitely, expression is of utmost importance. As persis overture piece approaches the end, the fast and persis overture theme are combined together to form the “reflection” part. The famous and gorgeous overtude solo, cross-cued for flute, is heard in the “Andante cantabile” section. But his presence in the Royal courtyard is forbidden and he finds himself being chased by armed warriors.

The horns and alto sax first set the melody, layered by the trumpets, and then the flutes, oboes persis overture clarinets, followed by the rest of the band. The piece would be more suitable for medium-advanced level bands and above due to some demanding technicality and musicality. Balance, again is important here. Balance here needs to be taken care of especially between the two instruments.

The reiteration of this melodic line is heard from the band, as it approaches to yet another “Allegro con brio” section. I’d been exposed to this song for about 3 years now and I finally know the story Precision and articulation are extremely persis overture here, and throughout the performance of the overtture. They embrace and share a brief, blissful moment together. Performers may face persis overture in executing the semiquaver-triplets but should be able to overcome with much more practices and rehearsals.


I never knew the story of Persis before but now I know! Then, he turns and sees a beautiful Persian woman in a flower-laden courtyard. Linear flow between pwrsis two should be smooth, hand-in-hand. I’m quite sure this piece is not unfamiliar to persis overture. After reading the story persis overture Persis,it adds another level of sadness to it.

The slow theme oboe-theme represents the romantic moment, while the fast theme allegro con persis overture depicts the chase. It’s good music afterall! Curnow Persis overture Press, Inc.

The description of ” As he runs franticly through the corridors of the city, he reflects sadly on the romance that might have been “, is effectively illustrated in this ending section.

Persis (BandZone)

persis overture Grace notes are extensively used to enhance the feel of this work. He carefully approaches her, and miraculously, she recognizes him as someone she had known before in another place and time. Remarked and kverture by Benjamin Yeo Persis overture remarks will make more sense if you were to follow it with a copy of the score or by listening to the recording.