import 2.*;. // Create a new PDF. PDF p = new PDF();. // Create a new page. PDFPage page = e(ZE_A4);. // Create a new. 2. Contains the classes used to create a PDF document. org. 2. The “viewer” package contains the classes required to create. This features adds an “Edit” menu to the application, which provides a familiar interface for those components allowing cut, copy, paste and text selection in the .

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Calls to save can be nested, but note that for most PDF viewers it is an error to save the page state but not restore it.

This widget allows text to be selected pdr2 the DocumentViewport. Return a Map containing all the named actions in the PDF. MultipleRevisions feature; there is a very specific technical case where this may be necessary, see the API docs on that class for more information. For example, here’s org faceless pdf2 to add a hyperlink to a page: The Redactor can be org faceless pdf2 to redact completely remove text and images from a PDF.

2 Class Hierarchy (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Moving an annotation from a page with UserUnits set to org faceless pdf2 to another page with UserUnits set to the default value of 1, will effectively halve the size of the annotation. This widget allows the document to be dragged and scrolled. This is to allow extraction of TimeZone information, sadly org faceless pdf2 from the Date class.

Org faceless pdf2 method is identical to calling: The “Basic” profile consists of information which be easily determined without having to traverse the PDF or parse the page streams. Pages are considered “flushed” when they are loaded, and only require flushing after an action is performed on its contents, such as calling any of the draw This class is the SidePanel returned by the parent factory, and represents the search results panel.


Hide user interface elements in the Document window such as scroll bars and navigation controlsleaving only the document’s contents displayed. The FormElement class is the org faceless pdf2 for all elements which may be added to a Form. This interface is implemented by PDFPage and PDFDrawable, and covers all of the operations common to both used to place content graphics, images and text onto the output.

Whether the rectangle is drawn as an outline or filled depends on the LineColor and FillColor of the current style see the pathPaint method for more information.

Any items drawn after this call will be drawn after any content already existing on the page, org faceless pdf2 appearing on top of the current content.

PDFReader (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Set the clipping area org faceless pdf2 a polygon. New documents created with this library will still have a revision 0 before they’re saved. The key is a case-insensitive String and the value is an object – it may be StringBooleanInteger or some other type. Represents the standard Acrobat encryption algorithm, both bit and bit variants.

The exception is when pages are very large or complex, and a small file-size is not a consideration. Write raw PDF taceless to the page. Code calling this method like this: The value is specified as a String, but as it’s XML it org faceless pdf2 probably be created as a java.


org faceless pdf2

Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.feature

Geometric shapes are drawn using either the simple “draw” methods or the more powerful “path” methods. Typically this setting is best left unchanged. If your text is going to be faaceless from one rectangle to another, we strongly recommend you use the LayoutBox class.

Represents org faceless pdf2 standard Acrobat encryption algorithm, both bit and bit variants.

Hierarchy For Package org.faceless.pdf2

This class is a type of PDFAnnotation that acts as a facelwss for interactive media such as Flash and eventually video. If the URL uses the http or https schema, the server supports the “Range” header and the PDF on that URL is Linearized, there will be an initial load, with facekess rest continuing in the background or on demand.

The only restrictions is that keys must always be String objects and values must always be PDFAction objects that jump to a location in the document, like those returned from one of the PDFAction.

Placeholder A Placeholder can be used to mark a point in the PDF which needs fcaeless be updated org faceless pdf2 the signature has been applied. Without this flag set the default org faceless pdf2 PropertyChangeEvent objects fired by classes in this package will be fired immediately.