import 2.*;. // Create a new PDF. PDF p = new PDF();. // Create a new page. PDFPage page = e(ZE_A4);. // Create a new. 2. Contains the classes used to create a PDF document. org. 2. The “viewer” package contains the classes required to create. This features adds an “Edit” menu to the application, which provides a familiar interface for those components allowing cut, copy, paste and text selection in the .

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Note this method does not return files embedded by way of a AnnotationFile method – they must be accessed via that class in the usual way. Typically this setting is best left unchanged view. Create a button that will rotate the page 90 degrees anticlockwise. Org faceless pdf2 is mainly useful in right-to-left locales like arabic, as it sets the default text alignment. Write raw PDF commands org faceless pdf2 the page.

Get the current page orientation. These methods save the current page state to a stack and then restore it. Feature class to see which features are returned in the basic profile. Create a button and menu item to load a document from the filesystem.

The locale in org faceless pdf2 when the document is rendered is considered to be the locale of the document as a whole.

2 (Big Faceless PDF Library )

This class is org faceless pdf2 type of PDFAnnotation that acts as a container for interactive media such as Flash and eventually video.

A LayoutBox is a box for laying out text, which allows a great deal more control over positioning than the standard org faceless pdf2 method. This is the value set fceless the setAction org. Changing encryption will destroy any digital signatures in the document, which is why Acrobat won’t allow you to do lt.

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The parameters specify the rectangle measured in the current canvas units that will fully contain the text. Title The document’s title.

When validating a signed document this needs to be taken into account. Faceles This interface defines org faceless pdf2 object which can be used to set values to be used to control the PDF library – turning on or off debug flags, controlling the location of additional software and so on. Draw a rectangle with rounded ogr through the two corners x1,y1 and x2,y2.

Get the version of the PDF. Draw a rectangle through the two corners x1,y1 and x2,y2. The ID is generally just random characters. If false the title bar should display the filename instead only works org faceless pdf2 Acrobat 5 and later org faceless pdf2. If exact sizing and positioning are a concern, please use the LayoutBox class instead. Add an annotation for this Signature to the specified page at the specified location.

Note this is a staticmethod, which means a single cache is used for all PDFs.

Draw a circle centered org faceless pdf2 xy with a radius of radius. It is a good idea to flush a PDFPage after you’ve finished modifying it, as the library can manage it more efficiently if it org faceless pdf2 you’re not expecting to write to it again. When a signature is applied to the file, the current revision is locked and any further changes to the file result in a new revision being made. Whether the shape is filled or just drawn as an outline depends on the FillColor and LineColor of the current style.

To remove a previously defined box, set all four values to 0. The co-ordinates org faceless pdf2 the position of the baseline of the first character – for other positions e. Unlike the other constructors this method does not initiate the load immediately: Create a simple “About” dialog displaying information about the PDFViewer and the runtime environment.


How pages are displayed in the main Acrobat window pane.

Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.feature

The idea behind this is that you can add annotations to the text, and then set the actions they refer to via the AnnotationLink. This can be changed as many times as necessary by org faceless pdf2 this method. A feature that allows the highlighting of text in the viewer. This routine parses the entire document to determine it’s contents – this can be a very lengthy operationso calling the getBasicOutputProfile org faceless pdf2 is generally prefereable unless the Feature you’re querying is not tested by that method.

Org faceless pdf2 values include “xmm”, “x” or “A4”, which would both produce an A4 page, and “8. See the PDFReader class for more information on revisions. Represents the standard Acrobat caceless algorithm, both bit and bit variants. Argument to setUnits float, int to measure the page in millimeters.

2 Class Hierarchy (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Still, we’ll org faceless pdf2 it here for completeness. A feature which will add the ability to drag and drop files into the PDFViewer in a standard way. Adding or removing annotations is not considered to alter the page contents. This widget allows the document to be dragged and scrolled. This class enables the extraction of text and images from a PDFPage.

Create a new PDFPage object that’s not connected to any document. Argument to setUnits float, int to measure the page from the top.