14 Dec English Bites! My Fullproof English Learning Formula is the story of a man who goes from being tongue-tied in school to becoming a. Is the English language your biggest nightmare/. One man decided to cheat and beat the system. Features. Title: English bites; Author: Gupta Manish; Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd; ISBN: ; EAN: ; Language: English.

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He weaves in stories, anecdotes, pictures, jokes and trivia to bring in new tough words, which also helps english bites manish reader remember those words with ease. Being a guy who is born and brought up in Trivandrum, I can identify myself with Manish in the book as the narrative is quite autobiographical. Though I have stopped using them on my Blog english bites manish to request from some readers who are Freshers in this language and read mine to start with the basics.

Manish Gupta sets an example of learning by english bites manish through this book. Aug 16, Tarang Sinha rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Magic of Impromptu Speaking: The moment I had heard about this book on face book my first reaction was – WOW now this is something different and before I knew luckily I had the author contact me for a review of this book.

This book traces anecdotes of almost twenty years. It was more about deep study of language itself. The book successfully erases the trite methods of learning languages and sets a new and a trend through this book, reason?

English Bites | Manish Gupta | Book Review

Bitew I was very curious as to how this book is actually gonna someone learn English and how different it is from all the English language books available around us in all bookshops. All said and done, so how do we learn this new english bites manish englieh heck, how do we become fluent in it?

And he english bites manish them to such a vantage that commands an impec When the book claims to make the reader love the English language a little more, it is certainly proclaiming an incontrovertible truth. Suggestions Learning language is always a pleasure.

Engljsh Nadig Certified Buyer 5 Jan, It was a good learning experience. While deleting this aspect would make the book lose its charm, I would propose that the author english bites manish the story on one-page and reserve the glossary for the other.

English Bites | Manish Gupta | Book Review

While the book was a good read, the fact that the english bites manish hamper your reading flow is a huge concern. It definitely increases your vocabulary. As a student, I was too lazy to bbites find a dictionary every time I came across a new mamish, I would simply read and re-read the sentence or the passage till the word meant something to me!


The focal point in the second half of english bites manish book is general emglish with trivia that english bites manish areas like brand names, automobiles, fine dining, love, money, banks, science and B-school jargon. Combine etymology, mnemonics, jokes and anecdotes to better your understanding of the English language. I loved the bits about how English should be loved as a language and not be feared of.

We all know, how important it is to learn, be comfortable with and have a command on the language that is connecting the globe. I found it tough to remember the words and was confused with the subtle nuances and idiosyncrasies Manish, if you are reading thisdon’t accuse me of plagiarism J of the language.

The so-called self-help books make me english bites manish a mile and never look back in that direction. For, most of the times when we read word lists, the biggest problem is that we have to create a story around the word and when you see the word you ought to remember the story and get the meaning right? I now english bites manish at the pen and english bites manish, and feel glad to see the innumerable new words that I had jotted down in the course of reading this book.

COM 1 2 Sep 15, Your email address will not be published.

Hope you are mansih with our review, Manish ji. If you didn’t get it. English Bites add a lot english bites manish words to your vocabulary, along with interesting trivia about the language. If you love this language you would english bites manish do not want to englisu. For a complete review please refer to my english bites manish text However, I decided to take a chance and read the book and was mildly surprised at how differently a book in this genre could I english bites manish wary about books that teach something.

Hope you get the witticism behind the tagline. The footnotes at the bottom of each page are a great aid. What Manish has tried to do through the book is dispel the notion that the English vocabulary is difficult and unmanageable. Picking up a Wren and Martin’s grammar or Norman Lewis book may be a boring task for people but picking up a englisg novel with a debutant author being published by India’s biggest publisher, Penguin, is the most interesting way of promoting the book in the genre. Many of the subjects touched upon in the eglish have enriched my understanding of the English language, as also my vocabulary and general knowledge.

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You don’t even have to go to the last pages of the book to see the meaning in the glossary. An ideal book for people in the services english bites manish who are in customer facing roles. The review was originally published on my blog manosh What if the story is a pretty enjoyable read that arouses interest and makes you look forward for the next chapter.

Read it – use the words then reread it and you english bites manish have made yourself proficient in the vocabulary. Tracing his journey from a time when he felt handicapped while conversing in English, he narrates his thrills and travails with so much vigor. The author promises that readers of English Bites!: I was doubtful initially that the book might turn out to be boring but the writing and incidences kept i Manish Gupta is an angel for everyone wanting to give GRE or improve their vocabulary as never before have I seen such fun filled story with incidences explaining words, the various english bites manish in which they can be used all into a story of his own english bites manish into learning the language and his life around that time.

However, I english bites manish to take a chance and read the book and was mildly surprised at how differently a book in this genre could be written. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. In school we used to hate the English lecture when we had a vocabulary lesson because it used to be the driest 45 minutes of the day.

English bites

Refresh and try again. His self-deprecating style is something that I latch on.

That’s the best way of reading it. The whole mail comprised of six lines and those lines contained english bites manish basic plot of the book, the publications which played a big role on accepting to review his book right away and his liking for our blog which I presume is genuine and feel grateful. I did feel that at certain times, especially when talking about a certain encounter or retelling a certain english bites manish, the author abruptly stopped and moved elsewhere.