O Informe de Brodie has ratings and reviews. Um dos livros essenciais do escritor Argentino, O Relatório de Brodie reúne 11 contos e foi public. JORGE LUIS BORGES. Translated by The Preface, under the title “Borges on Borges,” first appeared in The original title of this book is El informe de Brodie. Find El Informe De Brodie by Borges, Jorge Luis at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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So much so that, shortly after their marriage, she conceived and gave birth to my father in But I think it might be they started prosecuting freedom of speech and arts: In such cases, he dies almost immediately under the hail of stones flung at him by the Ape-men. The queen looks at Brodie and then, in full sight of her attendants, offers herself to him. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Better World Books Ltd Condition: It never fails to amaze me that the classics hold a romantic theory of poetry, and a romantic poet a classical theory.

Borges was fluent in several languages. Original white wrappers, spine and rear wrapper lettered in black and green, front wrapper green lettered in white.

Anyway, the Yahoo heaven is dark and marsh-like and the afterlife reward for kings, queens, witch doctors along with the happy, the hardhearted and the bloodthirsty.

He was interested in philosophy all through school, and in he travelled to Germany so he could study under Martin Heidegger at the University of Freiburg. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Shakespeare, insuperable master of words, held them in scorn. Even prefaces written by Borges are awesome.

Doctor Brodie’s Report

Familiar territory, but not really my thing. Read this in spanish if you can I don’t know how these are in english, but is seems to me this prose would lend itself well for translationthe writing is elegant through its educated simplicity.


Still, I like all of the man’s onforme, even his fascination with knife-wielding hooligans who had their own inarticulate code of bravery. Brodie Raporu Yorum linkim. Can you trust historical documents? Fa Martins rated it did not like it Sep 09, Brodie’s Report by Jorge Luis Borges.

Where did that image come from?

El Informe De Brodie

Showing best matches Show all copies. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Some of the other interesting bits in the book were: You and Oblivion The story is partly the memory of a knife fight, and partly the memory of a room and its occupant.

Then Brodie reports on how a poet is a Yahoo who can string together six or seven enigmatic words. This desire is partially a way of placating my obrges “oh the books I’ll never get to read”-ing and partially because I’d like to think that that’s where Borges got to go when he died. I refer to his early stories and essays about what he calls the “suburbs” of Buenos Aires, when one-story dwellings stretched out to where the pampas began, and slaughterhouses and knife-wielding toughs abounded to process the beef that was exported to Europe.

Brief Tales Composed in a Plain Style In the Foreword to this short collection, Borges pays tribute to the late “tortured and labyrinthine” stories of Rudyard Kipling, which he compares favourably to those of Franz Kafka and Henry James.

These noir heroes perhaps represented what Borges would have liked to be in a different reality. They’re about Argentina, Argentinianess and Borges’s interpretation and brodir of the context that surrounded him, but that goes without saying.

Open Preview See a Problem? Ho sempre avuto una sorta infogme timore reverenziale a leggere Borges, una paura di non riuscire a comprendere fino in fondo il messaggio che vuole trasmettere, ma ora ho deposto le broges e ho cominciato a leggerlo.

O Informe de Brodie by Jorge Luis Borges (1 star ratings)

Since Brodie is a Scottish missionary, predictably his report includes the Yahoo system of religious belief. Not the Yahoo – they only go back as far as yesterday. Published by Companhia das Letras first published When his mother and aunt were insulted, gangster Ferrari stepped in.


The king is then taken to a cavern where only witch doctors and a pair of female slaves are permitted entry to serve the king and smear his body with dung.

Oma and Opa caught a boat to Buenos Aires, where Opa gained a position as a private tutor in philosophy. Return to Book Page. Linda forma de rivalizar. Sometimes objects seem to have personalities of their own, sometimes the events of a story are suspiciously similar to those that occurred in past though with a decline in settings and people. Juan rated it did not like it Dec 25, Access code may be previously used. The difference between Doctor Brodie’s no relation to Miss Jean Brodie Yahoos and Guliver’s Yahoos is that the former aren’t primitave rather, narrator speculates on the basis of their language, but rather a more advanced age brode forgot how to read and write.

May 19, Glenn Russell rated it it was amazing. There are plenty of novels numbering in the hundreds of pages where much less happens.

Brodie’s Report by Jorge Luis Borges

Duality and futility again not that the story is futile! Todas las circunstancias se ven justificadas. Find Rare Books Book Value. Is the story of its finding true? Inhis family moved to Switzerland where he attended school and traveled to Spain. Browned with a few loosening pages in rear.

Il y a deux Borges: Una raccolta di racconti realistici, quasi tutti incentrati su fatti violenti. He complained birges being “airbrushed out of history, out of Borges’s infodme.