Riane Eisler. H.F. Martínez de Murguía, – El cáliz y la espada: la mujer como fuerza en la historia · Riane Tennenhaus Eisler Limited preview – Results 1 – 7 of 7 Caliz y la espada, el by Eisler, Riane and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Results 1 – 9 of 9 El caliz y la espada/ The Goblet and the sword (Spanish Edition) by Eisler, Rianne and a great selection of similar Used, New Eisler, Riane.

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Jan 15, Katja Vartiainen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her ideas about a gylanic society based on linking rather than ranking are excellent and should be pursued. Eisler calls these cultures “dominator cultures”, whereas the earlier Goddess worshiping groups engaged in a partnership model. Nov 29, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. It seems that in many parts of Old Europe, there were Goddess worshiping cultures that harnessed their intelligence towards creating eialer communities.

Violent kings were not worshiped. And when the cover of your book has a quote that says “The most important book since Darwin’s espsda of Species,” I really expect the author to deliver. Apr 03, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: Eisler reframes the age old idea of espaea ‘war between the sexes’ into something equally polarizing, yet more inclusive. These early civilizations invented principles of food growing, containers, pottery, clothing fibers, construction techniques, leather work, and later, metal technologies in silver, gold, brass, and bronze.

They are gravely mistaken. In Sumerian Legend and later Biblical legend the Goddess under espadz a transformation. But it’s always welcome to hear evidence that human history hasn’t just been a straight line of organized violence from the African savannah to Pax Americana. I remember the line: Sep 17, Laura rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Oracle were established and listened to.


Priestess and oracles were abolished. Want to Read saving….

Reminded me of Lars von Trier’s Anti-Christ But the part of the book that was an absolute revelation and liberation for me was how these two general patterns–peaceful settled communities invaded by male dominated violent nomads–apply espara to the nomadic Hebrew tribes invading Caanan. Before this time, Egyptology and the like were mostly a front for imperialistic grave robbers, vying for the shiniest addition to their national museums.

I picked it up and was immediately engrossed.

A lot of what I read in its pages changed my entire worldview and caused me to reevaluate the history of the world as I knew it through a feminist lense and to change how I felt and thought about that history. They are called Venus statues. But what is important about this whole book is that we could give Eisler’s vision a possibility.

Eisler Riane El Caliz Y La Espada

It is Eisler’s assertion that these models are in constant flux, with the dominator most frequently in the ascendant – and one of the results of that ascendancy has been the suppression in our histories of those peaceful and prosperous times in which the partnership model thrived. So I recommend it based on the holes it punches in many of our most taken for granted beliefs on historic and prehistoric mankind, but don’t put too much weight on its own conclusions.

Not in a million years should The Chalice and the Blade be considered a work of feminism or competent scholarship in general. When Engels wrote in the nineteenth century his ideas of a prehistoric cooperatism were at least plausible and, indeed, supported by contemporaneous anthropological work. A natureza esta se rebelando contra a androcracia, contra os usos exploradores e destrutivos da tecnologia empregada indiscriminadamente por uma sociedade dominadora.

Helps clarify how we got where we are, and where we can go if we want to. Gimbutas, and by extension Eisler, with all her claims after those, moves onto increasingly shakier ground. The societies that practiced these are taken apart and examined and a lot of history is re-evaluated along these lines of dominator societies and equality societies.

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The beginning was fascinating to read about, to hear about these societies that practiced worship of a female goddess that were run by a semi-democratic government with women making up the majority of the leadership. On closer inspection, however, the picture is less clear than we have long believed. Jul 25, C. This author is not anti-religion, just anti-hate. Everyone had what they needed and there was no gap between rich and poor like there is today.

In spite of that and the ending, which seemed to me to have lost its way, this was a powerful and enlightening book. The Chalice and the Blade tells a new story of our cultural origins.

This book inspired me and I want to read more about all this and more. Those who brush this off as feminazi aren’t reading well.

Throughout the book she uses anecdotes and her own reasoning, as opposed to actual evidence, to support her theory that for thousands of years these female dominated societies ruled the world and everything was peachy. What it takes to change them has been Fiane life work since she wrote Chalice.

Eisler Riane El Caliz Y La Espada : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I think Riane Eisler is a very good writer, and HarperCollins editors are excellent too. An exceptionally calkz, brilliant book. If they do it’s a profound book, not to be forgotten.