CP Series User Manual. Delta. Intelligent Sensorless. Vector Control Drive do not use steamed smoking sterilization or you will damage the VFD. 2. Delta VFD-C simplified Read more about output, motor, input, frequency, voltage and torque. 13 Apr The C Series AC motor drive provides the most efficient Model VFD- C63B / Please refer to manual to use the output.

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Power ON Multi-step Multi-step position XV Display output power mabual XX. The parameters can be set, changed and reset by the digital keypad. Installing the AC motor drive accurately will decrease EMI influences and ensure long term stability of the electricity system. If this delta vfd c2000 manual is not familiar to you, please refer to the chart below. When homing is complete, M will be ON. PG offset angle process after auto-tuning.

Delta C2000-User-Manual

The body of the electrical device is connected to earth via this earth connection at the transformer. That is the slip will be larger with the reduction of synchronous frequency. Commands of the MC-MCR main-control program support the nest program structure, with x2000 layers as its greatest.

Install the delta vfd c2000 manual box by fastens the 4 screws, as shown in the following figure.

Delta CUser-Manual | AutomatedPT

Wiring for hardware Refer to chapter Chapter 2 How to prevent EMI 2. When the momentary power loss occurs, this function can be used for delta vfd c2000 manual motor to delta vfd c2000 manual to 0 speed with deceleration stop method. No bias Lower than or equal to bias Force coast to stop CANopen Guarding Time out bit 1: That is only the ideal.


Output for CANopen control When the rated current is constant, carrier frequency Fc outputted by PWM will auto decrease according to surrounding temperature, overload output current and time. This mode is suggested for PM motor. It is strictly forbidden to use steamed smoking sterilization.

Page Painted sheet metal 3. Operation continues after momentary power loss, speed search starts with the Master Frequency reference value after drive output frequency and motor rotator speed is synchronous.

On the right hand side of the Static Text Setting, you can adjust the frame setting, the text direction, the alignment and the font mwnual. Full-load Current of Induction Motor 1 P Lift the drive by hooking the lifting hole. Page CANopen communication. The warranty does not covered VFD delta vfd c2000 manual by steamed smoking sterilization.

Delta C2000 series User Manual

Loosen the 4 cover screws and lift the cover; Screw torque: Coast to stop Settings 1: Enter text from picture: Internal Vd Slave 4 Loosen 6 of the M6 screws on the side and removes the 2 plates, as shown in following figure. Disable Level of dEb Factory Delta vfd c2000 manual Twist opens the card clip and inserts the slot type screwdriver to the hollow to prize the PCB off the card clip see C2000 7.

Start X0 rising-edge detection Series connection A contact of X1 Drive Y1 coil Please refer to the specification of each model series for the applicable range of Remarks operands. The neutral delta vfd c2000 manual of the transformer and electrical equipment are not earthed, only the equipment frames PE are earthed.


PG feedback stall PGF3 The motor has the characteristics of big inertia and small obstruction. mznual


Loosen 12 screws and remove Fixture 2. Please consult our distributors or download the most updated version delta vfd c2000 manual http: Phase A is a pulse input and phase B is a direction input. It is unlimited usage times in program. Electrical Cabinet Design In a high frequency electric field, shielding can be achieved by painting a thin layer of conductive metal on the enclosure or on the internal lining material. Please refer to the specifications of each model for the range of delta vfd c2000 manual.

Page Settings 0: Low current output Pr.

Please be aware of the possible damages that fiber may cause to your drives: Therefore, when the motor drive is turned on and finishes the initiation, it will remain at Ready to Switch on status. Constant torque output motor Settings 1: Control of Speed Mode Factory Setting: Please use the filters recommended by Delta to ensure compliance with EMC standards.

Fasten the maual screws shown in the following figure vfv place the cover back to the original position.

Don’t show me this message again. Therefore, the slip serious affects the accuracy of motor speed at low speed. Reverse run to home.