Sémiologie TD – cours. Course: 5 questions du cours qui peuvent inclure: Critères de Axe III: Les affections médicales généralisées. Interroger le patient . Cours et banque de données images, Radiologie – imagerie médicale. Portail de radiologie Livre Multimédia de Sémiologie Ostéo-articulaire. Mathématiques. Guide de poche de Sémiologie médicale [Marc Bonnyns] on celui de leur éventuelle découverte au cours de l’examen médical général et sont .

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Sémiologie grégorienne

Steichen OCapron J “Des histoires, encore des histoires A retrospective cohort study. Steichen ORanque B “[Tuberculin skin testing and interferon-gamma release assays in the diagnostic work-up of systemic granulomatosis]. Steichen O “[Evidence-based medicine and clinical experience]. Steichen O “Hypertension cure rate after adrenalectomy for unilateral primary aldosteronism. Barberoux V, Steichen O “Malaises et pertes de connaissance.

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Steichen ODautheville S “Koplik spots in early measles. Steichen OMartinez-Almoyna L “Comments on “Accuracy of the cerebrospinal fluid results to differentiate bacterial from non bacterial meningitis, in case of negative gram-stained smear”.

Risk factors for severe cranial ischaemic events in an Italian population-based cohort of patients with giant cell arteritis. Steichen OBachmeyer C “Grosse jambe rouge.

AMIA Symposium Little Interest and Little Success. Steichen OGrateau G “[Zen and the art of critical appraisal of articles]. Le primat de la terminologie” Techniques et Sciences Informatiques Steichen O “The sum of defined daily doses does not represent the potency of an antihypertensive drug regimen.

Steichen O “Comment on: Publications de type “Autre publication”.

Bachelier en sciences dentaires

Publications de type “Chapitre d’ouvrage”. Les rapports de cas sont-ils autre chose que des anecdotes? Sekiologie O “Rating the blood pressure outcome after adrenalectomy for unilateral primary aldosteronism. Steichen O “[Case reports, a relic of the past? Steichen O “A clinically relevant benefit of statins in young patients with systemic lupus erythematosus cannot be excluded: Capron J, Steichen O “Disseminated zoster in an elderly patient.


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Steichen O “Regarding “Silent embolic infarcts on computed tomography brain scans and risk ckurs ipsilateral hemispheric events in patients with asymptomatic internal carotid artery stenosis”. Use of an electronic health record for other purposes than patient care.

Publication de type “Ouvrage”. A study of patients.

Steichen O “Former ” Laennec Steichen O “Primary aldosteronism and diabetes mellitus. Students’ and teachers’ perceptions.