The Carthian Movement (Formally known as The Commonwealth of Carthage, and the Anarch Movement respectively) is in these nights, comprised mostly of. Here’s the playtest draft of the Carthian mechanics from Secrets of the .. I thought the Carthians were supposed to be a secular movement. The Lancea Sanctum dates back to Rome (as the Lancea et Sanctum, and later the Lacea+Sanctum), the Invictus began during the s, and.

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The idea is simple.


Visionaries, rebels, underdogs and malcontents Carthians would sweep in, depose the leadership, send them packing, but then as a new government was being set up a mod would rush the Elysium, declare the government void and force the city to go true Anarchist at gunpoint. While they hold majority in Baltimore, there are still a few that have survived in DC.

They were eclectic, bohemian, diverse. Brujah and Caitiff are the most common of the clans found within. Carthians hold no blood magic, no special coils, no disciplines, and they lack the sheer size and world wide power structure. The Movement is comprised largely of Kindred dedicated to the notion of egalitarianism, but that idea covers a lot of ground.


The Anarchs shrugged off the title which had caused confusion since the beginning, and across the western world became the Carthian Movement.

How can Empower Judiciary strip away Clan and Covenant status? The popular catch phrase among the covenant is: The Carthians are orderly. The Carthians do not have such a long history as compared to some of the other covenants in the Southland. Throughout the course of his reign cartbian Prefect, as he progressed his ideals would shift many times over as the decades progressed.

A Kindred known only as Azrael began to hold lectures, speak to the Unaligned and mofement established Carthians alike. The great experiment of the Carthians is political and secular, but not all Carthians are. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Pittsburgh by Night Vampire the Requiem.

In actual Carthian-dominated domains, the Kindred celebrate the night their dream of a new world came to pass. Pages Images and files.

Leader of the New Guard Representative leader of faction cartnian of faction Leader of the Old Guard leader of faction leader of faction. Each vampire in the circle is beholden to the next and responsible for another, but not directly.

It was wrong then and it is equally wrong now. Once in a while, the rare elder emerges with ties to the Carthian Movement, but by and large elders simply scowl at the very idea of it all. Fucking Thief seems underpriced to me. The Carthians love orders and systems. Artifacts can he anything, such as a relic of a fallen Carthian leader, an effigy of an enemy or a personal possession of someone soon to be drawn into the Carthian ranks.


Some within Portland’s movement suspect that this was one of the reasons Deliah was so hesitant to begin her revolution. The foundation of the Carthian Movement is the notion that vampires needn’t accept the status quo unthinkingly.

What’s the origin of the Carthian Movement and Ordo Dracul? – Onyx Path Forums

Court and Commonwealth joshopotamus joshopotamus joshopotamus T In recent nights, the Carthians have seen a great deal of change. The movment is nothing if not modern, and they love to explore modern ideals carthiann use modern toys.

Democracy in particular is the cornerstone of Carthian thinking, because it gives each individual a say in the affairs and administration of the people as a whole. I am no longer participating in the community. Chicago’s Carthians aren’t moveent voice of the oppressed. Show 0 new item s.