The MCS-D system unit has been designed for “under the table installations” in conference rooms. The MCS-D provides different connections to. The MCS-D control unit can operate a digital conference and interpretation system with a maximum of delegate and interpreter stations. Digitally controlled chairman microphone unit for flush table mounting, with condenser gooseneck mic, illuminated ring, pin Sub-D connection via socket and.

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More Downloads In the service area.

Via the control unit you can configure microphone station IDs, chairman stations, interpreting beyervynamic, audio interfaces and operating modes. MCS chairman microphone unit, with loudspeaker.

AV-iQ Terms and Conditions. The system is configured by using the integrated display and multifunctional buttons or the iCNS operating and configuration software. Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. By using the priority button the chairman can interrupt the discussion and mute all activated delegate microphone units. Cameras – Studio Video.

Select a Country Australia. Request more information from the following dealers:. MCS chairman microphone unit, without loudspeaker.

Ecler Laboratorio de Electro-Acustica S. By using the clear button the chairman can turn off all activated delegate microphone units.

Using the priority button beyerdynanic chairman can intervene into the discussion and mute or clear the activated delegate microphone units depending on the system configuration. MCS L delegate or chairman system unit, removable terminal board, connection for loudspeaker.


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Cameras – Special Application. CA connecting cable, 2. Contact in regards to this product:. These audio channels allow a lot beerdynamic applications such as discussing, interpreting, phoning from one microphone station to the other and linking external participants to a meeting via phone conferencing.

Optionally the control unit is available with two power supplies to supply a maximum of 30 microphone stations. The MCS system is suitable both for permanent installation and mobile implementation. Klotz Audio Interface Systems A. Skip to the end of the images gallery.

MCS L delegate or chairman system unit for mounting under the table, connection for laudspeaker. CA P piezo-button, “prior”, for system units.

Beyerdynamic MCS 503

CA loudspeaker for system units. The MCS chairman’s microphone unit beyerdynamid of one neyerdynamic button, one priority button and one clear button in the cover plate. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. As a standalone system, the MCS is characterised by simple and user-friendly operation. Besides recording functions this software provides some other smart functions such as markers which can be placed in the recording to identify and access special parts after finishing the recording.

MCS-D System unit.

APC by Schneider Electric. Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. In the FiFo first in – first out mode, the delegates speak in succession.


MCS | Chairman Microphone Unit for Flush Table Mounting | beyerdynamic, Inc. | AV-iQ Australia

The MCS-D provides different connections to connect external components such as buttons, a gooseneck microphone and loudspeaker via 5-pin or 7-pin Phoenix terminals and a 5-pin XLR connector. More Downloads In the service area. The NetRateBus provides 54 multifunctional audio channels which can be allocated to different meetings.

Long connection cables permit generous positioning. CA connecting panel. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd. The MCS system thus remains flexible at all times. CA piezo-switch for system units. For the best experience on our site, be beyerddynamic to turn on Javascript in your browser. MCS Editor editor software freeware for central control unit.

Beyerdynamic – Interpretation – MCS – 50

MCS 50 wired conference system The digitally controlled MCS conference system is a high-performance conference system for the efficient organisation of meetings and conferences. MCS delegate or chairman system unit, removable terminal board. By using the iCNS software you can select settings such as voting modes, graphical control, data band and video camera control in addition to operating modes and configuration of microphone stations as chairman stations.

CA C piezo-button, “clear”, for system units.