19 Oct wondered the late poet and scholar AK Ramanujan of the Indian epic in Twenty four years later, the essay, Three Hundred Ramayanas:Five. 22 Oct The scholarly essay by A. K. Ramanujan. “Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation.’ appeared in The. 4 Dec “There are versions of the Ramayana, but AK Ramanujan chooses to quote five examples that are bound to hurt our sentiments. They want.

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His translations of Tamil poetry from the Sangam period set new critical standards in the field of literary translation. Written By Rito Paul. When I studied history as an undergraduate in Delhi University in the mids, A.

Ramayana: An ‘epic’ controversy

You can write the whole thing on two sides of an A-4 paper. About two weeks ago, Delhi University voted to remove A. For example, the horse was not known to the harappan people.

It contains abusive and libelous language used for Divine Hindu deities. However, Ramanujan considers only five tellings of Ramayana, namely, the tellings by ValmikiRanayanasthe Jain telling, the Thai Ramakien and the South Indian folk tellings.

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Whether this is done as a means of humiliating the candidateson the salutary principle of accustoming them to 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam a peck of dirt each day of their working lives, or whether it has something do with Astrology or Vastu shastra or the ramanujak dimensional interaction bby the Post Christevan Chora, is irrelevant. It is a truism that freedom of expression is a basic requirement for any democracy.

University of California Press.

Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Super 30’: Subscribe to South Asia Citizens Wire feeds from sacw. Institutions that are supposed to stand up for freedom of expression and freedom of reading are kowtowing to fundamentalists.

The following are some of the sources that discuss the implications of the removal of the essay from the curriculum:. Nor could it be expert opinion. For reference, I have talked about this issue on several occasions over the years. Shakesphere is not the only authentic guy you know. 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam department had many distinguished historians who happened to be Muslim, but not one am them was crass 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam to suggest that my being non-Muslim rendered me unfit to teach that course.


The essay that the Delhi University does not want its history students to read A. Interestingly, when DNA tried to purchase the book from the OUP website, it was unable to do so despite several attempts. Origin and Development Hindi.

Amardeep Singh: In Defense of A.K. Ramanujan’s ” Ramayanas”

I consider it essential reading for anyone who wants to know about the complex textual history 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam the Ramayana. Especially when doing so would suggest, whether the academic council intended this or not, that the university had caved in to violent intimidation. Why are we silent on the grave threat to Prof Kancha Illaiah? Newer Post Older Post Home. Since the Ramanujamm was for centuries transmitted orally rather than on paper, it’s no surprise that there are raamyanas in the story.

If our educational and publishing institutions do not stand up to groups beholden to extremist ideologies, then their only contribution — apart from those made to their own bottom line — will be to an erosion of democratic values and consequent impoverishment of public discourse and culture.

Ramanujan specifically prefers the term “tellings” to the usual terms “versions” and “variants” because the latter terms can and do imply the existence of an invariant original text. 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam

Who’s afraid of 300 Ramayanas?

Ao a right-wing Hindu organization called the ABVP has claimed that the essay is offensive to Hindus and they led a violent protest against the essay inin fact the purpose of the essay is primarily scholarly — it’s an attempt to document the different versions of the Ramayana that have been passed down in different Indian languages. They did this by trashing the department of 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam and physically assaulting the head of the department.


Most of the versions are hearsay oral narratives and some like the Santhal version were falsified by Ramanujam in the essay and factually incorrect. Works based on the Ramayana. What is relevant, is that the other great means of getting ahead offered by University- viz. This page was last edited on 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam Juneat Disclaimer Privacy Policy Contact Us. Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation. So, in order to adapt a tale about horse rananujam their conditions it may have to be retold as a bull, which was known to them.

OUP Gamayanas has clearly not done this. Hindutva seeks to re-make the diversity of Hindu narratives and practices into a uniform faith based on standardized texts. Ramanujan himself laid great stress on the fact that Indians interpret everything contextually and have no use for universal principles or indeed intensional language.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Subsequently, books containing the essay disappeared from all major bookstores.

Ramanujan’s Three Hundred Ramayanas – home

The only way forward is subsidiarity, more and more subsidiarity, and less and less posturing re. Besides, why would they attend 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam the views of one expert and ignore three others?

In 300 ramayanas by ak ramanujam anyone has missed the point, the essay in question is not a pamphlet written by a provocateur: Vigilante mobs decide over what films get shown 30 the cinema India: An attempt is made ramanuujam create differences in communities. I teach history at Jamia Millia Islamia. Views Read Edit View history. One key point is that the original Buddhist Ramayana that Ramanujam gloats about part of Dasharatha Jataka is just about two pages long.

Retrieved from ” https: The issue ended gamayanas in the Supreme Court which wanted the opinion of an academic expert committee.